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October 2009

10 Minutes with... Evelyn Leckie.

The winner of Asia’s first online reality modelling competition, SUPERMODELME.tv, shares her delight with us

10 Minutes with... Evelyn Leckie.


How does it feel to win?
I’m still in shock, actually. I never expected to win since the other two finalists were just as good. You really don’t know how good your chances are, right up till the final challenge during the finale, where the live audience gets to vote as well.

What was it like living with nine girls and being scrutinised by the camera?
The whole concept was new to me and took some getting used to, being constantly watched. The most difficult part, though, has to be the clash of personalities because all of us came from very diverse backgrounds. Fortunately, I ended up making more friends than enemies.

The most difficult challenge?
Shooting at a workers’ village with 800 workers from Bangladesh and India. It was overwhelming to be surrounded by so many men who were not professional models and it felt a bit dangerous.

How about the nude shoot?
It was fun because I trusted photographer Geoff Ang and knew it would be tastefully done.

And your favourite challenge?
I loved the one with photographer Olivier Henry, where we had to explore our emotions and he wanted me to cry.

What’s next?
I hope to model in Hong Kong and Japan. Modelling in Europe would be fantastic because I love high-fashion projects. However, I’ve been told that I’m more suitable for commercial shoots, probably because I don’t really put on a sexy face during catwalks and end up smiling too much.

Catch the entire season online, along with exclusive interviews, blogs and contestant videos. Evelyn currently resides in Perth.


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